Runescape Game Updates:A Shadow over Ashdale

In today's new quest, you'll sail to the glorious Ashdale, which you may know from RuneScape's newest tutorial. Veteran adventurer Gudrik wants to know why cargo shipments are returning from the island untouched, and he needs you to investigate.

Something strange is afoot, and the island will seem significantly scarier than it did; deserted, and eerily quiet. It's up to you to plumb the murky depths of this mystery, and save Ashdale's citizens from a fate worse than death.

To save the day, you're going to have to fight. Although there are no requirements for the quest, the combat scales to your level, so do suit up before you start.

Succeed, and you'll be rewarded with XP lamps, plus three black pearls, which can be expended to grant you bonus XP in your choice of skill, scaled to your level.

With A Shadow over Ashdale, we've aimed to bring you something different. We've focused on atmosphere and visual storytelling, and the environment is the true star of the show. You'll spend much of the quest exploring and investigating, discovering the story as you go.

In Other News

Solomon's had a big shipment of Retro Armour overrides: plate armour, recolourable with your choice of metal, trims and gilding; Armadyl and Bandos armour; and all four Godswords. Pick them up at Solomon's General Store!

12 of the existing players kits (the cosmetic customisations chosen for your base character model during character creation) have been updated with improved graphics. You can change to these by speaking to Thessalia in the clothes shop in Varrock. The originals are still there, but renamed with a 'retro' prefix. We will be continuing these improvements with future batches.

A new set of 'Pathfinder' hybrid armour has been added, to reward completion of various parts of the Path System.

We've made a big batch of fixes and tweaks to the early parts of the game. Take a look at the patch notes for more information, and for full details of other updates made today.