Runescape Elder Divination FAQ

Q: The Portents of Degradation seem fairly imbalanced. Monsters have far higher LP values than players, and so the trade-off between using a Portent of Degradation and a Portent of Restoration seems very skewed in the direction of the latter. Would you consider buffing the Degradation portents?

Mod Rowley: Portents of degradation were considered primarily as being more useful in PvP situations, as a more aggressive alternative to portents of restoration. (As an aside, the damage caused by portents of degradation in PvP is NOT reduced - that was just an issue in the skill advance rs guide). When it comes to PvM, portents of restoration are perhaps still the better choice. We'll keep an eye on this, though, and see where these new portents fit in the grand scheme once Legacy mode comes along.

Q: Are there any plans to review the rate at which charms can be transmuted?

Mod Rowley: Yes. They were always intended to be converted in 10 at a time, not 1, but this was overlooked. We have a fix in testing to be patched in as soon as we can. The primary purpose of charm transmuting is to save time, so it was silly them only doing so one at a time.

Q: What is the difference between Divine energy and Elder energy?

Mod Rowley: They come from a different source. Elder energy is derived directly from an elder god, the rest of divine energy derives from Guthix and the edicts barrier. Though strictly, Guthix's ascension was fueled by elder energy, he's since made his energy his own.

Q: Could we, in theory, use the Elder energy to make life?

Mod Rowley: In theory, you already do...sort of - elder energy is the primary ingredient for muspah (and soon nihil) familiars. We see this as being a trait of energy derived from Mah. It's possible that in future we'll differentiate the energies of the other elder gods and they'll have different utility, but it's too soon to say for sure.

Q: Will the energies also be useable for the new skill? 

Mod Rowley: At this point, it's anyone's guess. Hopefully, yes, though I can't see players ever making elder artefacts of their own...

Q: Are there more wisp colonies like this one planned for the future?

Mod Rowley: None planned like this. Divination will feature within the elf city, but not as a regular colony (at least that's not the current plan).

Q: The colours on the wisps for the Elder divination spot are different from previous wisps. In the past, it was said they would all be the same light blue colour but different sizes, since light blue was the only colour that made sense. Why was this changed and will other wisps ever have their colours changed in the future?

Mod Rowley: The blue colouring of normal wisps was, I believe, so they were visible of a range of different environments. As we knew elder energy was only appearing in this one location, it gave us more freedom for colouring, though it's blue/purple colouring isn't a million miles away from other wisps. There are some red wisps in-game (in a recent quest), and possibly some differently coloured wisps in content currently in development...

Q: Why do the Chronicles take so long to spawn?

Mod Rowley: The spawn rate of chronicles is now double what it was before this update, and what was noted in the original design of the Divination skill. They were (or at least seemed to be) more abundant at skill launch because of the high volume of players training the skill, but not collecting them. That they now give 4x the XP that they did before this update, they don't need to be as regular to make them more valuable to collect.

Once you own 10 their spawn rate decreases, and decreases exponentially for every further 5 you collect (up to the max of 30). So, if you have 10+, hand them in, and they'll spawn more readily...though there's nothing stopping you from collecting other players' unwanted chronicles too...

There is no overlap between normal and elder chronicles in regards to spawning and collecting - you can hold up to 30 of each type; the number of elder chronicles you own has no bearing on the spawn rate of normal chronicles, and vice versa.

Q: Why do we need to collect 100 Chronicles for just a bit of lore?

Mod Rowley: You only "need" to collect 100 elder chronicles if you are going for a trimmed completionist cape. If all you care about is reading the lore, it's available on the official wiki (under spoilers). Otherwise, they are just there as a bonus if you want to collect them, as unlike normal chronicles, which only award Divination XP, elder chronicles offer you a choice of which skill to gain XP in...

Q: Why were the Elder Chronicles made a trimmed requirement instead of a normal comp requirement? 

Mod Rowley: Primarily because of the time investment required to collect 100 chronicles, which seemed better suited as a trimmed requirement.

Q: Is the camera's repositioning normal when you go through the tunnels in the Elder Halls? It is slightly annoying.

Mod Rowley: It's an unfortunately by-product of the mapping in that area, and something we looked to address during development of Fate of the Gods, but are currently unable to. 

Q: How rare is the new item from the Muspah, to make the familiar?

Mod Rowley: There is a 1/3 chance that a muspah will drop EITHER an elder charm or a muspah spine along with it's 100% drop (elder energy) and random drop. So it's effectively a 1/6 chance for either item.

Q: Can you see people on Freneskae now?

Mod Rowley: In the Elder Halls, yes. We have no immediate plans to allow this elsewhere on Freneskae.

Q: Does the prefix "Edda-" mean "egg of" (i.e. "Egg of Mah," "Egg of Bik," etc.)? If not, what does it mean?

Mod Rowley: "Edda" is taken from the Prose Edda and Poetic Edda from which we get Norse mythology, as a tie in to Fate of the Gods (Ragnarök) and the Guthixian/Fremennik 'End of All Things'. There are several theories for the etymology of the word, suggesting its meaning as "great-grandmother" or "poetry" or "to compose". I intended it as all those things, but more along the lines of 'ancestor' or 'progenitor', as in the first elder god of that name, from which all others sprang - the very first elder gods.

Q: The Elder Gods' energy requires only 75 Divination to harvest, while some of Guthix's energy requirs higher levels to harvest. How does this fit into the lore?

Mod Rowley: There are no lore implications for this. If you wanted to justify it such, then elder energy is just a very weakened form of elder energy (like pale wisps are a weaker form of divine energy derived from Guthix).

Q: Can we expect to see the other Divination familiar options that lost the poll to a Beast of Burden released in a future, one way or another?

Mod Rowley: While the nightmare muspah is primarily a beast of burden, we sneakily also made it something of a forager (with the Siphon Self scroll) AND giving it an invisible boost (a chance at 4x energy from a harvest), so it already fills a few niches when it comes to training Divination. If you can see room for a different type of Divination familiar, suggest what on the forums!

Q: Why were two items with identical purposes added to the Muspah drop tables? 

Mod Rowley: Muspah spines are unlikely to ever be dropped by anything other than muspah, but we also needed somewhere logical to drop elder charms. You can get elder charms from divine implings, but not in any reliable quantity, though we will be adding elder charm drops to nihil later this month, and it's more likely other sources of elder charms will become available in future. The intention was to add a regular drop to muspah that would retain its value - nightmare muspah pouches should remain in relatively high demand from all players training the skill, but only muspah killers will be able to craft them...

Q: Will we be getting Bandos memories and energy soon? 

Mod Rowley: We have no plans to add a Divination colony of Bandos energy at this time.

Q: Any plans on adding charm transmutation inside Daemonheim?

Mod Rowley: None at this time. Charms are abundant enough already to create any familiar you need to on a floor...but if the idea proves overwhelmingly popular, it could be added. If you think you'd make use of it, let us know on the forums.