Runescape– Elf City Design, Part 1

Here is a rundown of the changes we are planning based on YOUR feedback on the first part of the Elf City design document:


- Solomon. We are investigating the removal of Solomon. 

- Chronicle cash-in NPC. We are removing this character. The best chronicle cash-in NPC will remain the one you unlock after World Wakes

- Golden Shattered Heart. There is a complete divide in the community about whether the Shattered Heart should have a grace period or not before we remove your trimmed completionist cape from you for completing it. Our current feeling is that we can subtly rejig the content so that there are short-term goals that can be achieved before you lose your cape. There will be more news later as this is designed.

- Diango. An elf version of Diango, with some additional content (most likely a permanent holiday event portal) will be added to the Tower of Voices based on your comments. 

- Titles. More titles will be added, and some will be extremely exclusive, to reward those who go that extra mile.

- Saradomin-looking elf clan. We will be changing the small logo of the elf clan whose symbol looks like a Saradomin star. This will be something deer-like.

- Crystal blossom timings. Rather than being a completely binary, with the blossom either appearing or not appearing, the crystal blossom will be harvestable at any time, but there will be periods when it is more rewarding. This gives a reward to those who wait for the right time, but does not punish those who are not.

There was a notable amount of feedback on the following, but we will not be changing them for the following reasons:


- Xuan. While some of you wanted him removed, he is useful for recolours, cashing in of Jack of All Trades and some others. We will make sure he's not annoying and intrusive, though! He will also be an elf version of Xuan, not Xuan himself.

- Lodestone. Many of you wanted the lodestone removed, as you believe that teleport spells have been devalued, and/or the elves would not make themselves so accessible. While I understand these comments, the city is still exclusive by its nature, the content needs to be accessible or it is hugely devalued, and we are doing our utmost to make sure that teleport seeds and other transportation methods still have real value in the city.

- Crystal look of the city. Concept art can only do so much in communicating how a finished city will look. Our environment team have done a great job in giving the city a pearly sheen, which you can't see in the concepts. Also, there will be transparent crystals throughout the city, to show the raw elements that then harden to form the marble-like walls you see in the concepts.

- Tower chimes. Some of you wanted unique instancing or a dedicated chat channel, but that would bring more attention and work to an inclusion that was always meant to be fun and emergent.