Engrammeter alt div training

I've nearly finished doing Mahjarrat Memories so I can start FOT. However I never actually started Div until I was level 60... which was all from Tears every other week and lamps from the Squeal / Odd Troll invasion or pengs to see exp rate. I still actually have not even started the tutorial for Div whatsoever and I think it's near lumbridge crater lol.

However, I was here in forums when it was released and Fragment Chronicles & Enriched were nerfed. I did do Div for around 5 levels casually as it is a skill which either requires you there full time like agility and just borderline not really being able to afk and watch a movie with. Its exp rates are so stupid that I really don't even want to bother getting Max cape for 99 in this. I see why there was an uproar about it now as well. Chronicles are not worth my time to even look out for, and Enriched mainly disappear very quickly unless there are a lot of people around. Even then noone is paying attention.

Imo the Engrammeter after the miniquest should be used as an alternative way to train Div. Basically taking memory essence and chucking it back in a hole only for it to come back out again is how to train Div. The miniquest actually makes you go out to different areas aka a short break from doing something so boring and to find a memory and revisit quest locations. Instead of finding a memory after the quest, it should give an exp award like how the memories do but albeit a bit less perhaps.

This would make it a nice bit of content that doesn't get abandoned after being put ingame already.